Victoria+Colin, Engaged! Chapel Hill Engagement Photographer: An Up-Themed Adventure

October 1, 2012


Oh happiness!

Colin and Victoria got married over the summer, and this engagement shoot is actually a year old…but I just love it so so much I had to share it with everyone!

I met Victoria my senior year in high school when I came to UNC to visit my sister…three years later we ended up being hallmates! When she and Colin asked me to do their engagement shoot, I was elated.

Let me tell you about Colin’s almost-proposal.

Throughout the course of their relationship, the two of them had compiled an adventure book (yes, just like in the movie UP!), complete with memories made and adventures they wanted to have together. When Colin decided to propose to Victoria, he had it all planned out that they would go through the book together, and she would find the ring tucked in an empty section near the back. Upon her finding the ring, Colin was going to ask her to be his next big adventure.


As fate would have it, Colin forgot the book the weekend he came to Chapel Hill to propose. He found himself on one knee beside Victoria’s bed, where she had just woken up from a nap and was quite confused.

“I had a whole big plan, but it got messed up, and I can’t wait any longer to know: Will you marry me?”

Yes. Yes I am swooning.

These Up-themed images (complete with a mailbox hand-painted by Victoria’s housemates!) capture these two so well: their laughter, their joy in being together, and most of all, their love for each other.

Before the shoot I asked them, “So how comfortable are you all kissing in front of the camera?” Vic was totally fine with it, Colin a little more hesitant. After two hours of some of the most romantic kisses I’ve ever witnessed I asked him, “So…what happened to not being comfortable kissing on camera?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “That pretty much disappeared as soon as I started kissing her.”





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