Taylor and Sarah have quite the cute story on how they met. Sarah was visiting Charleston, South Carolina with a girl friend of hers to relax and vacation, and stayed with the Hawkins’s during her visit. On the last day of their trip, they decided to venture out into the city one last time, but with the help of Taylor’s tour guide skills to show off-the-path spots.

Sarah described that day one of the best days she’s had, full of laughter and jokes, endless discussions about different topics. She had such a great day, that she decided to stay in Charleston another day (and then hated to leave after that day as well!). Since then, Taylor and Sarah kept in touch. Taylor came to visit her in Charlotte a few times, and they even spent 5 HOURS putting together IKEA furniture! Sarah recalled that at that moment she knew it was true love because they didn’t hate each other after that experience.

After a long cold winter, this session brought me back to life. It was back in the early spring, and it was still chilly, but we had the place to ourselves. The light was perfect and these two just know how to fit together in a way that make the whole session just a breeze. Some of you know that Craggy Gardens is a great spot to view the Asheville mountains. There are so many paths to take and so many views to see. The early spring was the perfect time to take these two on the mountains for their engagement session. 

These two just got married a week ago and it was the sweetest, most emotional ceremony I’ve ever seen. I got to attend as a guest, as Taylor is my cousin, and it was such an honor to get to witness and celebrate their union!






Make space in your day to feel real things. This is the day you’ve been waiting for, and you won’t get it back, so slow down, breathe, and really feel it.