Every now and then something SUPER cool and SUPER challenging comes my way. When Ashley first approached me with her idea of a full moon engagement shoot, I knew it was one of those times. The full moon has been important in Ashley and Andrew’s relationship (they even picked their wedding date based off the moon cycle) so doing their engagement photos under the light of the full moon just made sense. We hiked up to Black Balsam just before sunset and danced around in the golden light, taking some more traditional engagement photos and getting comfortable in front of the camera. Then we descended into the fir forest to wait on the moon. While we waited we had a campfire and passed around a bottle of scotch (since these two are getting married in Scotland!). Soon the clouds cleared and the moon came out, lighting up the mountainside brighter than I expected. And we did a whole second session in the moonlight! It was one of the most unique shooting experiences I’ve had! Thanks so much, Ashley and Andrew, for pushing me out of my comfort zone and challenging me to try something new! Can’t wait for Scotland and round two!


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