Katie&Mark :: Courthouse Elopement :: Durham Wedding Photographer

June 16, 2014

Ok, let me start by saying that I want to BE Katie and Mark when I grow up. Let me tell you why.

These two lovebirds have been loving each other and adventuring together for years now, seeing the world one trip at a time. A few weeks before their wedding they went to Peru, and their honey moon is two months in Italy because “our list of places to go and things to see just kept getting longer”. After their honeymoon of a lifetime, they’re moving to Thailand for the foreseeable future, just because they can. As freelancers, they both have a lot of flexibility with their location and they take full advantage of it. When I asked how they made time, space, and money for these adventures, they just shrugged and said “We just make it a priority.” I LOVE that. I love that make it happen attitude that decides what they want in life and just goes for it, all in. Their decision to get married at the courthouse was fueled by their love of adventure, as they decided they would much rather spend their time, money, and energy on having adventures rather than planning a wedding. Amazing!

Their ceremony was beautiful. Katie and Mark wrote their own vows and pledged their life to each other officially (even though they both said they felt like they’d made that commitment a while ago) in front of their closest family members (and a few curious on-lookers waiting their turn to say their own vows haha) and then we walked over to the American Tobacco Campus for AN HOUR AND A HALF of portraits (what a dream!!!). These two are so adorable and their love is just so evident…I barely had to pose them at all! They were just so natural. Then we headed to Six Plates for an intimate family dinner complete with champagne and some of the MOST delicious food I’ve ever tasted. Laughter and love and happiness hung over the table and these two closed their wedding day the way they had begun it; surrounded by those who love them most.

Congratulations Katie and Mark. May you two have many many years of adventures at each other’s side.




Make space in your day to feel real things. This is the day you’ve been waiting for, and you won’t get it back, so slow down, breathe, and really feel it.


Thanks for sharing pics of your intimate wedding Katie and Mark! Big thanks for Carolyn for amazing candid shots delivered so fast after the event took place. Good luck in Prague, Carolyn!

Heart melt.

Exceptional couple, great photographer.

Beautiful pictures. So happy without looking posed.

Lovely pictures. Your children will treasure these one day. (((-:

What a stunning Bride and Groom. I wish you both oodles of Joy and Happiness in all your adventures. Cheers!!!!!!

Tami Fonjemie-Rooney

What an amazing picture storybook – congrats to all!!!