Ohhh these two. When Jocelyn first sent me an email about their wedding in St. Lucia this July I squealed out loud cause, come on, it’s St. Lucia. But as I’ve gotten to know them over the past few months I have found I had so much more reason to squeal than I originally thought. Jocelyn and Zach are two of the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Jocelyn has amazing style and has been so encouraging and excited about my work since the first she reached out to me and Zach loves her with a fierceness rarely shown these days. They came to Asheville for their Blue Ridge Mountains engagement shoot and we started at Riverside Park by the French Broad River, where we got some gorgeous, light, airy spring-like shots. Then we drove up into the mountains, and a pile of storm clouds, and they changed into super glamorous outfits that contrasted so beautifully with their wild, windswept surroundings. We talked about good communication in a relationship, keeping love healthy and alive after nearly 10 years of being together, and how they both challenge and spur each other on to the greatness they see in each other. You guys, I just love these two so much! I can’t WAIT for their destination wedding at La Haut Plantation in Soufri√®re this summer!!

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Carolyn is a destination wedding photographer based in Asheville, NC but traveling all over the world. Blue Ridge Mountain Engagement shoot.




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