Bright, Joyful Backyard Wedding; Anne + E.J.; Asheboro Wedding Photographer

December 19, 2017

I can’t say enough times how much I love a good backyard wedding. The laid-back atmosphere, the emotional setting, the old memories intertwined with new ones being created. Anne and E.J. got married in E.J.’s parents’ backyard, on the pond he grew up swimming in. Anne got ready in the house E.J. grew up in, and I was overwhelmed by the sense of heritage that was infused into the day. E.J. and his groomsmen played pool next door as the ladies get into their finery, and then the bride and groom met by the edge of the pond for an emotional first look. This whole day was full of emotions, tears, smiles, laughter, and joy!

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was how Anne and E.J. brought two cultures together. E.J. is from the south and Anne’s family is Korean, so they each brought a traditional ceremony to the day. Right after the ceremony, the bride, groom, and wedding party paraded behind the house to dig up a bottle of bourbon Anne and E.J. had buried prior to the wedding day, as a good luck charm to ward off rain. It worked! They got one of the most beautiful days I photographed this year! The wedding party shared a bourbon toast (or two :P) before returning for portraits.

From Anne’s side of the family, they included a tradition during the reception. After the first toast of the night, Anne and E.J. changed into traditional Korean garb and re-entered the party for a traditional Korean bow ceremony. The groom carries the bride back into the ceremony on his back, symbolizing his devotion and support to carry her all their lives. The couple then bows to each side of the family in turn, symbolizing thanks for their support, and then serves each family member a small cup of wine. Family members then take turns throwing nuts and dates into the brides skirt, and the number she catches supposedly represents how many children the couple will have (and let me tell you, they’re in for a full house! Both sides of the family had really good aim :P). It was such a colorful and cool tradition, and I loved the delight on Anne’s mothers face as she watched her daughter and son-in-law partake in something so near and dear to her.

Overall, this was one of the most emotional wedding days I’ve had the honor of capturing. It seemed every time I looked around someone was wiping away tears with a huge smile on their face. This post ended up being a slightly longer one, as there were so many amazing moments I wanted to include. So sit back, relax, and enjoy perusing Anne and E.J.’s gorgeous backyard wedding.

[Special thanks to all the amazing vendors who made this day so perfect!]

Coordinator: Toogie Hampton :: Florist: Amber Hardin (Burge Flower Shop) :: Bride’s hair and makeup: Jessica Cook (Lizzy Lynn’s Salon) :: Bride’s Dress: Casablanca :: Cupcakes: Theresa Ferguson ::

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