Meet Kelsey

Who is this lady who will be hanging out with us on our elopement day?

There’s A LOT of words that could describe me. Taco Obsessed, Appalachian mountain woman, Enneagram 7 and Harry Potter Fan girl are a few. But also upbeat, adventurous, flexible and optimistic. So get ready for an epic day that you’ll remember forever with a new adventure buddy in tow!

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Learn more about me, my philosophy about wedding days, and what working with me could look like.

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Mother + Lover

Where my passion comes from

I’m a (semi) crunchy mama with a couple littles. Homeschooling and snuggling most days. Hiking mountains and showing my kids the world and their community. Sitting on the back porch watching Ryan push the kids terrifyingly high on their swing. This is where my passion for love comes from...home... and without it I wouldn't be here talking to you.

My heart grew when I married Ryan. It grew again when I had Maybelle and again when we welcomed Fenden to the family. It grows every freaking day when I see Ryan loving on those little turds.

I love love because of this family we have made. I will cry on your elopement day because I'll think about the family you are making together (whatever that may look like). I'm invested in my couples because I know the power in stories and I know you have a beautiful and meaningful story that deserves to be told.

I believe in the power of spaces

...those special places where memories live.

Long before I ever shot my first wedding I fell in love with the mountains. I grew up in Virginia and hiked in the Blue Ridge Mountains most weekends. I loved a good rock scramble, swimming at the bottom of a waterfall and learning about all the plants and wildlife.

After college Ryan and I moved to Oregon and we fell in love with the mossy waterfalls, clear rivers and strikingly epic coast. I still remember the chills I got when I first saw the size of those mountains and the greens in the forests. It's a special place to us but the Blue Ridge Mountains called us home in the end.

There is power and memory in these spaces and I love helping couples find the right space to create amazing memories.

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Don't just take our word for it.

Read what our past clients have to say...

Cheryl + Michael

Once we got to chatting with Kelsey we knew she was going to help us make our day amazing. She helped us plan, scouted locations for us, laid out all of our options, and even brought along a cutting board for our picnic. Did I mention we accomplished this in less than a month? Kelsey’s excitement is infectious and I have met very few people as genuine as her.

When it came time for our elopement day, she arrived early and was just giddy to get started. We chose a trail to hike that might have been slightly out of our league and she cheered us on the whole way. When we got to the top my husband and I relaxed, ate our picnic, and caught our breath before saying ours vows. We loved feeling like we were steering our day to whatever we wanted and Kelsey was along for the ride to capture us. It also felt like we were adventuring with a friend. We fit everything in and caught the most amazing sunset! We were sad to say goodbye at the end of the day, but we can easily say it was the best day of our lives.

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